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People are often nervous about starting anything new and for many the thought of exercising in a gym is really daunting.  Whilst the thought of being trained by a handsome 25 year old guy might seem like a great idea, in reality that can be equally as scary.  It is hard to own up to your imperfections in the company of someone that looks like they don’t have any.


I can completely understand that, and it is my ability to empathise with this, which makes me different from many gyms and personal trainers.  The key is finding out what clients enjoy. Sometimes this can take a few weeks, particularly with running. The first weeks may be tough and when you are on your own it is too easy to give up, however the sense of achievement my clients feel when they run their first and second miles without stopping is amazing. 


One of my clients wishes that they had been born to be thin and I wish I was born able to get a good tan.  As we are both past 35 and wise enough to know we can’t start again she tells me that I can always use St Tropez and for her there is me…..her personal trainer.


Each week I arrive at her front door with a bucket load of equipment, an exercise programme and a smile. The hour’s session will be a little different each week as it is important to make each one fun and it helps to disguise the hard work. The sessions may include, skipping, running, weights, step, boxing, rowing, gliding, and sometimes just simple exercises.


Gill had never run before but is now regularly seen with me running round the streets of Hale. She even has the confidence to go for a run on her own.  If only we could beat her Jaffa cake addiction!

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